The Ultimate Gothic Horror Supplement 

Rise against Dracula's Court with Veil of the Eternal Night,  grimdark supplements for D&D 5th Edition and MythCraft inspired by the likes of Castlevania, Berserk, and other dark fantasy legends. Written and published by QuasiReal Publishing House.

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Plunge into the Horrors of the Eternal Night

The best supplement to venture through the unforgettable frights of vampiric gothic horror with your party.

  • Massive Campaign that explores the expansive hinterland region of Norspina, where large gothic cityscapes are contrasted with vast untamed wilderness.
  • Discover what Dracula has hidden deep in the Mad Forest, Equip yourself with ancient knowledge from the Lost Long Library, survive the roaming Haunted Carnivale, and explore the massive urban landscape of the Paris-inspired capital of Lorvan
  • Terrifying 3-Book Series containing tons of player options and a campaign spanning levels 1-30 in MythCraft and 1-20 in D&D
  • Fully illustrated traditional Marseilles Tarot Deck with unique in-game mechanics.
  • 75+ unique Grimdark Monsters: Battle classic vampiric monsters and brand-new horrors that will leave you trembling in fear
  • A brand-new Fear and Sanity System that pushes you to tend to your mind as much as your body

Take a Stand against the Vampire Overlords

Harker's Guide to Vampire Hunting provides players with all the tools you need to face the horrors of the night.

  • 13 Subclasses in D&D and Class Tracks in MythCraft, including the Domain of Mythology Cleric, Vampire Hunter Ranger, and Plague Doctor Tinkerer/Artificer
  • MythCraft-exclusive Hellcrafter Class
  • 12+ Artifacts of Legend that level up alongside you
  • 15+ Mythic Creatures - boss fights with unique lairs, multiple phases, and specialized mechanics
  • 50+ Feats in D&D and Talents in MythCraft to prepare you for the coming tribulations
  • 60+ Spells and Magical Abilities empowering you to resist or embrace the darkness

It's Dangerous To Go Alone

Beautiful Premium Dice

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Unmatched Immersion

Divine your fate with this fully illustrated, custom 78-card deck inspired by the traditional Tarot of Marseilles, complete with unique in-game mechanics

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Terrify your players with Ancerra's most bloodthirsty creatures as 75mm detailed mega minis by Beast Miniatures

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It's Dangerous To Go Alone

Massive 3 Book Series

Over 800 Pages of gothic horror content! Tons of player options and a massive max level campaign printed in beautiful hardcover in your choice of 5e or MythCraft

Don't Be Scared

Cuddle up with Ratu The Bat - an 8 inch plush by CuddleCore crafted specifically as a Veil of the Eternal Night exclusive! 

Music by Geoffrey Day

Set the tone with an original soundtrack by the top charting musician behind the Atomic Heart soundtrack and many popular video game music covers.